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Have we bottomed? Looks like an inverse H&S is forming

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Looks like there is some hope on the horizon! Lets break 7600!
Bình luận: Looks like its getting a little cloudy.

Bottom may not be set in after all. We may be going for a double bottom, we may be even going down further.
Bình luận: Hopefully just a bear trap
Bình luận: Indeed looks like it was a bear trap :)
What's the target?
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snakeat3r MehdiGreen
@WorldofCryptos, The moon!

Seriously tho, im not really daytrading but i will get cautious when we get close to ~ 14-15K. I believe new ATH is coming at some point
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so if we close on the next 4 hours over 6650$ it's oficially a inverse head and shoulder is the first time i see a fking bullish formation. finally
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snakeat3r alejorockinme
@alejorockinme, Yes, but I think you mean 7650 :)

Lets see how it plays out
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alejorockinme alejorockinme
ok so 7600 should be the support line hopefully it is if not.. is just another dead cat bounce...
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snakeat3r alejorockinme
@alejorockinme, support is actually closer to 7500, but I think it will hold, in H&S patterns there is almost always a return to the neckline before continuing the direction. IMO we have bottomed out
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