Tomorrow will be an ugly day for Cryptos

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I have closed my positions, changed my perspective and started planning for the abandonment of Bitcoin             . Research tells us that 'Google Trends' is a good indicator for how the stock market will move; if the search trend is categorized as 'financial'. Bitcoin             is loosing daily hits which should be of concern to everyone. We will go down, but it's impossible to predict how far. A bear market can go on for over a year too. The other concern is that the market is about to end with three consecutive red days, which is called "three black crows".

Honestly, I did never think I would go to the other side: short.
Bình luận: Take a look at Filbfilb's long term analysis and you will see the hype always ends:
lol....what a terrible call. Quit charting
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HalvardS PRO cbong1004
@cbong1004, Down 1K and broken resistance zones, if we break the last two; which is not unlikely we will with high probability see 8-8,5K very soon. Yeah, that is quite terrible to me. I'm sure you don't care!
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I like your idea so much that i made this.
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It's in a rounding bottom formation. This may be the worst time in BTC history to short the price of the coin. It's going to drop along this register. If it was going south then it would be there already.
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HalvardS PRO Jamesthebang
@Jamesthebang, I don't believe Bitcoin will "crash" or go straight south. I believe it will be in a bear market for over a year, and potentially reach around 4K-8K. It's a market filled with hopes and dreams, hence why it won't just crash. But people will become more realistic and manage their risk better, so it will slowly go down rather than crashing. Until it becomes "too cheap" and the market will turn again and reach 20K easier than before.
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I partially agree while it looks like the cycle ends with deeper correction I predict a new hype cycle to start this spring..

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dumb prediction. even if it go to around 10k it will bounce right back up
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HalvardS PRO DukeDinhd6
And we would see increased mass selling. What's your point? I didn't say it would be a staright line down. A bear market can last over a 1 year. Get out on top, now, that is smart.
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