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BTCUSD Finally we got the impulse from bottom

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Hi there. Watch the video for detailed analysis.

Those who are already in watch it to continue for upside.

Those who are not in watch the areas which i have shown for price action for buy.

If price do not test the areas the areas i have shown for price action. Then you can only buy in one case if price start to rise so sharply from current price. That will give us a clue that it is not going to get down. If so then buy on current price carefully. because it already has moved with couple of pips. So stop placement gonna be with in the corrective ranges.

Remember it is a longer term analysis. So no need to be frustrated on couple of bars. Hold your nerve and let the market move in your way.

Thanks for your support.
Bình luận: Price has broken down as it was expected. Watch price action at bottom as it was explained in the video for buy. If we dont seen price action then wait and watch for the price to hit the bottom or previose low for price action for buy.

Bình luận:
Bình luận: broken up up strongly watch it for continuation fas it was explained in the video.

If I will see the change in pattern I will update. It is behaving in the same way the way it has done in past.
Bình luận: This is the old chart. I hope all of you Remember this chart.

Bình luận: So far it is doing nice on lower time frame.

What to do next those who are in and those who are not in.

1. Watch for flag or any other trend continuation pattern formation and then look for breakout for continuation.

2. Those who are not in you only can buy on strong bullish breakout.

3. If price breakdown the short term bullish trend then we will wait and we will watch for the price to reach 786 or 886 fib levels before any buy.

4. Those who are in watch it for continuation. Remember its a longer term trade and will take some time to complete. We will watch price action at upper channel line. i mean close to 15k.

Here is the update.
Bình luận: We got the correction but it is bigger and broken down the short term trend line.

Watch trend line at current price and bounce back. If price keep pushing towards downside we will buy more at bottom close to 768 fib lines. The correction we are having it was expected in last update so no frustration.

watch this update.

Bình luận: Nice bounce off. Watch it for continuation. same view like the previous one. In case breakdown we will watch 768 for more buy.

Bình luận: Dont forget the bigger structure.

Bình luận: Nothing has changed its same. Some young traders looking on BTC back to the parity which is not making sense so careful if you are taking shorts on BTC is it is highly risky to short on BTC.

Watch this update and prepared for next wave.
Bình luận: Watch 786 or 886 for buy.
Bình luận: We are not seller on it. If you are congratulation you are making money.
Bình luận: It is breaking the bearish flag.
Bình luận: It is breaking the bearish flag.
Bình luận: Watch flag on lower time frame.
Bình luận: watch for strong breakout. If we dont see breakout. let the market get back to the bottom we will watch for buy ar bottom.
Bình luận: Watch for breakout.
thanks for head up
Phản hồi
thanks for head up
Phản hồi
Seems like i was correct don't ya? Your proud will be your painfull, so listen more others, what do you think, doesn't means that is true see both visions bro, u're blind all the time, ambient, people afraid, it's just logic bro, don't put your positivism above others, see both angles be humble, get this out your head, empty it, then you'll see the truth, trought your emotions.
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r4bbit r4bbit
Empty your mind, be shapeless, like water, if you put a water in a teacup, it becomes a teacup, if you put a water in a cup it becomes the cup, a water can stay or it can crash, be water my friend.
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r4bbit r4bbit
A graphic analysis must have knowledge about how many people are interessed to reach to some point.
Phản hồi
r4bbit r4bbit
I was very pity about your comment @Wave-Trader it's not a guess it's science bitch.
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@r4bbit, get a life dude
Phản hồi
r4bbit TheDudeForex
@TheDudeForex, Do you pay my bills to know if I have a life or not?
Phản hồi
r4bbit TheDudeForex
@TheDudeForex, I dunno may graphic analysis is something important to do, I do this thing all the time, so if it not means life, what means get a life? What do you do that corresponds life? Maybe I'm doing wrong.
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r4bbit r4bbit
may be*
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