Future Price Pathway Prediction includng Timeline using FRACTALS

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Weekly BTC chart displaying all time high price fractals leading into possible 200d/100d crossing future fractals.

The first fractal set displays a 130 day time frame from all time high price to the first ever crossing of the 200d MA over the 100d MA. The price correction continued over 15 months, correcting more than 86% before we saw a bull market again.

Can't help but notice we're dealing with a very similar looking correction now. 109 days from all time high price before we see the 200d overtake the 100d. The RSI matches up really well leading into the crossing. There's potential to play the short term bounce, but I don't see BTC making any ATHs in the near future.

If we assume an 86% correction, we're looking at the price of 1 BTC being roughly $2,800.

Slver lining - once the correction completed we saw a 2.5 year bull market where the price of BTC went from $160 to $20,000, a gain of 12,500%!

If we assume 125x from $2,800, we're looking at the price of 1 BTC being over $350,000!

Exciting times, folks ..