Bitcoin To $8,000 And Below

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Sorry guys; I've been out of the market in fiat since I called out the sell-off and huge market drop last week.

Bitcoin             is likely to go to $8,000 easily. I know, I know.. it's easy to call a $8k Bitcoin             when it's already $10.5k. I actually called this a few days ago when I said that the bottom we saw was unlikely within my group chat. I've got to do a better job updating here.

Anyways; I'm trying to determine if it will go even more below which is likely imo             as the mass panic sells will be sure to shake off some weak hands since December.

$8,000 back in December was expected. When it hit $8,000; we said.. "Cool".
When it hit $9,000 - we went "Oh..."
When it hit $10,000 - we went "No way"
When it went crazy over - we went "This is madness! Way over-bought but I'm going to profit anyways"

$8,000 is more the "correct" price. Look for this within the next 24 to 72 hours. Me, myself, however plan to catch the very bottom (sub $8k) wick of the candle. =)

I've also decided that I will begin using this as my main platform to posting my predictions instead of my website. I will still go Live on Instagram and such and create videos and make announcements via Telegram, but this is where my main mojo will be located at.

I know I have been extremely short in the past, but as you can see; I'm mostly dead and spot on. Me doing 50x in one month is not luck.. =)
Journey $2,000 to $25 Million https://www.jamesfend.com/journey ($90k in 1 month so far)

My Telegram: My latest predictions & cryptical analysis for FREE (never charge) https://t.me/jamesfend

My Instagram @graph https://www.instagram.com/graph
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