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Ok so the segwit2x fork is going to occur within few hours. Every person holding BTC will receive B2X with a 1:1 ratio. Meaning if you have 1 bitcoin you will receive 1 B2X . If you have 0.3 BTC you will get 0.3 B2X .

No you don't need to do any action to get the B2X coin. After few weeks from today exchanges will start adding B2X so you will be able to trade it. Current price of B2X is 382$, this however will change a lot later on.

Ok so if you have any alt coin right now, at the time of the fork you won't get B2X . Because of that I'm expecting alts to go down as everybody is trying to get the free B2X coin. Then right after the fork they will reinvest in alts.
Also BTC might start its correction/price retraction right after the fork.

Personally I'm going to stay away from alts until the fork is over then determine what to do after based on the situation.

Bình luận: So just to clarify, this segwit2x fork is not the same as the original segwit2x that was cancelled.
Still there is a fork. However, I doubt that big exchanges will support it. We will see in the future.
Bình luận: BTC isn't looking that good.... again we might be going through the correction cycle I have been talking about since the 24th of Dec. This will change the entire game for ALTS. Will keep you updated.
So I had BTC in an Electrum wallet at time of fork. Day later I transferred the BTC to Coinspot and bought Ripple (lucky me). How do i access the B2X and the Satoshi BTC? Nothing is showing up in my Electrum wallet. Thanks in advance
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Are you still feeling to stay away from ALTS until this fork is over? I have my bot plugging away but can turn it off going in to this.
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DCFreak bingo223
@bingo223, I'm in verge. Its going to 13200 first target. could take an hour thou.
Will stay in as long as their is profit. if alts are going down or not moving and same situation with BTC will switch to USDT.
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rubensito09 bingo223
@bingo223, where can I get a boy :)
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DCFreak rubensito09
@rubensito09, deep web using bitcoin
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rubensito09 bingo223
@bingo223, where can I find me a bot?
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DCFreak rubensito09
@rubensito09, lmao, thought you meant boy...
look up gunner bot. its the most famous auto trading bot. It uses indicators to sell and buy.
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So, I can now sell my BTC since the fork block 501451 has come and gone, and if am in an exchange that will support B2x (Binance), that B2X will automatically show up when it's time even if I sell my BTC right now?
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@MS1000, exactly.
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MS1000 MS1000
@MS1000, my bad, just saw the last post.
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