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Hello Everyone,

The most common question I have received is if its a good time or too late to enter BTC             . I thought I best give an update on where we are at according to the charts.

BTCUSD             Targets for those that are in, and entries for those still looking

As we predicted Yesterday the break of the 200 ema (The Green Line) has seen accelerated movement towards 10,000 which seems the obvious next target. We continue to watch selling volumes closely and at this stage they pose no threat to the move. If you are in the move I would bank some profits around $9,900. The 10K mark will be a decent psychological level in the recovery and when it breaks, we will see another accelerated move up. Before then we may see a bounce back down and a retest of even the 200ema. If you choose to hold some position next target is 12,000.

If you are not in the move it’s a bit late to enter safely. If you put your SL close you could get knocked over in a likely small retracement of the move, and if you put it far your reward to risk worsens considerably. You need to find a retracement on the Daily chart like the one heading to the 20ema (Blue Line) around $9300 or move down a Time Frame and look for a pullback (one may be forming now) and look for it to hit a support, 4H support is at $9110 and Hourly at $9150. If price hit these levels aggressive traders will enter at the level, and conservative above the first decisive buying bar on the time frame after.

I will show the Daily Trade on the chart.
Aggressive entry $9300, Stop Loss 9100, Targets 9900, and 11900

If you are going to make dollars your decisions needs to make Sense. The aggressive entries are for experienced traders, they carry great rewards but more risk of loss. If your learning wait for the buying bar entry.

I hope this update helps, today I will be posting multiple profitable trades so feel free to follow and join in on the profits.
Bình luận: Hi,
If you followed the text above you should have entered at 9300 and closed at least part of the trade at 9900. We risked 200 and made 600 thats okay fir a day out of the office
Bình luận: Just a quick update.

As mentioned above the entry was at $9300 and we suggested to bank solid profits at target 1 which was achieved at $9,900 if you did this congratulations on a nice earn.

From what you didn't sell at $9,900 your still now sitting in a good position.

Its always important in times like this to make sure you bank solid amounts at each target.

I will update this trade with further with movements once the charts tell me more.

Bình luận: We have just hit our target for the second time today, you can adjust your stop losses, collect some profits and lets see if we can reach target 2 at $11,900
Bình luận: We have just seen the BTC finally cross the $10,000 line lets hope we can hit that second target.

Its been a while since we have tested these levels
Giao dịch bắt đầu: If you followed our trade here
I will show the Daily Trade on the chart.
Aggressive entry $9300, Stop Loss 9100, Targets 9900, and 11900

You will have been put in and banked most at target 1, Target 2 looks good. Lets get SL up to 9900
Bình luận: Everyone should be in a nice profit here! We didn't make target 2 but you would of hit SL at $9900.

We can re-buy again at lower levels!

I will keep you updated
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: First target has been successful.

I am going to publish a new chart now with further instructions to keep you up to date on the BTC. I am only closing this so I can open a new post this is not a sell signal.

I hope everyone made nice profits from this post and enjoyed them.
Bình luận: I hope you followed the new chart and have banked profits and are making more.
Followers I appreciate all of your support.

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I will be exercising 15 years of knowledge in financial markets on all of my trade analysis.
Still within a bearish trajectory - a peak at 15-16k could follow with a larger retrace...

Phản hồi
WHATS your thoughts on an entry now at church at $10k with a $11900 target?
Phản hồi
JWos JWos
Sorry for the typos: *entry now with a $11,900 target*
+1 Phản hồi
Do you mean it will go down?
Phản hồi
@Dieter1983, I mean move your stop loss up to a higher level so if it does go down your protected but I will like to see us on the way to target 2.
Phản hồi
just curious! what is solid amounts to cash out? if i start with 1 btc and then take profits and cash out from the start until a couple of months i would be ending than having less than a half of a btc right ? perhaps its insufficent funds to use only 1 btc?
Phản hồi
I was on binance but also some smaller profits. Thank you Sir
Phản hồi
My EMA200 is completely different than yours. What's up with that?
Phản hồi
Patrinos Patrinos
Oh, nevermind I forgot to change the time frame, lol. Nice job.
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