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Any one selling his Las Vegas penthouse ?
very good bro
the force is in you
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from were did you get this?
the volume? :)
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@CrissCristofer, I think that second run will be institutionnal monney comming in and traditionnal economist finally understanding and this new asset! We had the tease with SEC hearing.
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@THEMISBLOCKCHAIN, ...well, seems you found the arrow tool... we are in a channel if you take parallel line from high points (2017-12-11 to present) and mirror it to the lows, not close to breaking trend I'm not convinced. I read TA in current times don't make long term predictions like this without TA to back it. I think bouncing up is happening but there will be a point where we bounce back down or break trend upwards. Staying well within the trend line, just finally seeing some uptime instead of drop time and everyone gets excited. Arrows like this with little TA seem and that are based on FA aren't really that widely accepted. Logical charts > Faith in hunches. GL Happy Trading. (HODL or Buy Low - Never Sell The LV Penthouse - just long term buying the while building)
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@Bitcpd027, I was thinking this way before december, I knew at some point institutions will understand bitcoin like they had to ndrstand internet. They will end up owning it and make the price rise and find some balance.
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@THEMISBLOCKCHAIN, Looking at Coin Market Cap billions went out and price has fallen, yes, at some point billions to go back in most likely. I do understand that. This is a correction to a huge unchallenged run up. But looking at your past charts you are forever an optimist with bulls and upward arrows throughout this correction.If you do the rain dance long enough it will eventually rain - doesn't mean at day 1-200 you are right if eventually it has to happen. I'm saying YES, it will go up, not maybe not right now based on the TA. We need to have some movement that breaks some trends. People use different TA to predict. Without TA it's all cross your fingers and hope and pray for end results.

Your comments indicate you are banking on FA and not TA. That is all I am saying, and explaining what TA needs to break to support the claim you are and keep making. We all say this coming with the huge run and knew there needed to be a correction and Big business would take profit and be holding larger shares, driving market up or down... but, they have the resources to do more than lick finger and stick it in the air before reinvesting. They either buy after it breaks trend or buy bottom and driving up to break trend. I doubt they have a date picked but instead are using advanced TA to find entry points. That is all I am saying, use TA not FA. Fa can lead to FUD, but trading on FA alone is scary.
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@Bitcpd027, agree i was blind to see this but i have understand it now and I will be ready for the next correction ;)
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