BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la no means!

Every action has a reaction, travels around the globe and comes back again.
Western society doesn't seem to get it...

However - What we se here is not a fluke.
It's exactly the mirror of Action/Reaction.

It's based on fundamental behavior, which in it self follows this universal law.
We all follow it, there is no escape. It's the matrix we live in hehe... W8Kup

So, let's see how this will continue, since this article reveilles wha's going on behind the curtain.
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Great chart, thanks for sharing!
Just yesterday was looking into some data for BTC.
The confirmed daily transactions volume tripled over the last 2 years from around 100 000 to 300 000 transactions PER DAY.
SWIFT payments are at 10-13 mln per day for the last 3 years, so one day BTC can reach it if exponential growth persists.
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@aibek, WOW, that's a lot SWIFT payments :) TNX for sharing too!
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aibek forker
@forker, it's only 2.5-3% of SWIFT payments but we should bear in mind that BTC is not recognised yet - what would be the progress once it start to be more usable in payments? ;-))
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Excellent trade here, and great charts as usual ;)
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forker PRO IvanLabrie
Well, there was no trade for me here mate.
But the chart shows, how nice a tool like the fork can work, if one knows how to use it.

Every tool has it's meaning.
But if you know how it really works, then you can enhance it's usability.

Stay save my friend - Happy 2017, cheers!
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@forker, thanks Emilio.

It's still rather decent to buy into it and ride it towards the ML anyway.
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forker PRO IvanLabrie
@IvanLabrie, if you look close, you can see kind of a mesured move down.
The typical sine wave I've posted often. And a sine waves center often get's broken by pullbacks, bevor the market moves once again in the original direction.

So, your suggestion about a long position is a nice hint :)
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@forker, indeed! I think it has good odds here, at least to that zone the ML shows here. Then we'd need to 'gradually react' to new information.
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