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$BTCUSD to $6.000, calling it again

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
Yes, I'm calling it again (see previous posts, linked below). I have a clear picture that BTC is heading to $ 6.000,- in mid term.
This weeks stormy days, gave us a healthy and needed correction which gives me even a better feeling of heading to 6k.

Looking at the daily, I see a 5-legs pattern and we just formed the 4th leg. This was an ABC correction which I predicted last weekend and it dumped into my target box and even a bit further. (linked below).
My targetboxes are always possible bounce areas based on fibonacci, so its no problem when it extends that area towards the next fibo level.
Still looking at the Daily chart , this ABC correction was a perfect 50% Fibonacci retracement and we saw a strong bounce, and MACD is still showing nice upward potential. There is also no hidden divergence.
Based on Fibo extensions, I was able to determine the target for 5 and its projected on the chart. Once we get closer to that area, I will update on lower timeframe what could be expected.

Looking at lower timeframes, first target is to crack down the blue trendline that indicates the down trend. We might see some more downside before we crack that resistance. Important is that we stay above the yellow trendline to remain bullish .

On a short term (1hr chart), I see a trend reversal pattern right now forming which might cause some correction on the strong bounce which is very logic imho .

Trading advise: Try to catch some more BTC on the dips which certainly will come. SL below the yellow trendline .

For sure, people will react on this technical analysis and ask about Chinese news: I dont trade news, I strongly believe that charts do form multiple wave patterns and that news is calculated in my patterns.

Whishing you all a nice weekend and happy trading!
Bình luận: Pulling back as expected, will update when I see a possible bounce. Now on mobile and travelling today...
Bình luận: Meanwhile forming a reversal pattern which might lead us into the possible bounce area (blue box)
Bình luận: Small update: BTC reached the trendline faster as expected and bounced off and making a bullish pattern for a potential break of that trendline towards next target which is projected on the chart. Possible bounce area for this correction also on the chart.

Bình luận: Looking at this pattern to break the trendline to the upside. check the 240 chart in the start post, we're doing that move right now

Bình luận: Recap of todays dump which looks as a shake out to me:

Recap of todays dump which looks as a shake out to me:
Bình luận: Pffff. I'm messing up
Bình luận: BTC is suffering more as expected.....
Its on a critical level right now, it is on the edge of my possible bouncing area. If it doesn't bounce from here, we will make a larger ABC correction and drop towards the blue box
Bình luận: BTC bounced despite all people screaming that it will collapse. I have good feelings that it all was a shake out. Raised my first target a bit. Need to crack the blue trendline first

Bình luận: BTC Looking very good!
Cracked the trendline and the previous top, which opens the way to the targetbox.
Bình luận: Forgot to update here yesterday when I Tweeted about the possible bounce area for BTC and we would contimue the way up.
Elliott Wave posters are writing complete novels with all kind of funny stories, and making it only more difficylt for you guys, explaining why they raise their point where BTC collapses an why they are still right. LMAO
I just sit back and watch the price going as posted weeks ago. Less is more! Trade what you see, not what you think.
Bình luận: BTC reached the potential reversal area and might start doing some correction.. It broke down out of a reversal pattern. If its continuing down, blue trendline is first zone to pay attention to. Might even retrace to the yellow trendline.
Bình luận:
Bình luận: Wow, what a blast through 5k!!
This is why you dont short BTC in such a bullrun.
Right now overbought in most timeframes, upto Daily
Bình luận: IF (watch the big IF) this is the top for now, my system is still okay and we can do a correction to 4 and still in the race for 6k which I called a month ago.
Bình luận: I've made an update. Pls check my profile for the link
yesterday, i told everybody... BTC PREPARE TO FALL.. no one believed it.. so there it is..
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yeap respect, and a lot!!!!!!!
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Respect! :-D
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I was hoping for a correction to $4500 levels before the next leg up for damn BTC is giving us plebs the middle finger. Bought at $4900 and sold at $5100. So I am nothing more than a spectator hoping for that much needed pullback if the whale gods can have some mercy.
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HA HA. It was very expected. All thought to buy at 4500-4600 lvl. And whales said - f**k off idiots.))
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Thanks a lot
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@Crypto-Ed, thanks for sharing. Went out around the top waiting for a new entry now.
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it will go to 6k because of double btc fork coming up
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nginx mariusf123
@mariusf123, It went to $3000 after the August hard fork and now heading towards $6000 two months later. This feels unreal. Only Bitcoin can show such dominance. Ethereum with all its innovation is looking like a pedestrian now.
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Can you update this chart, sir? How deep the correction could be?
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