LONG BTC short-term LONG long-term SHORT (Feb 08 Update)

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Đô la
This is my new account. Old account was: yqmhay. You can check my previous post by searching that username.

***Remember, we are still in a bearish market. The BTC             bubble is still blowing off. We are still in a capitulation phase. We can go further downward at any minute.


In a short time frame:

Sell target 1: 8500 (we are here; recommend taking part of profit)
Sell target 2: 8800 (promising)
Sell target 3: 9600 (high risk, but worth a try)

Long BEFORE Feb. 10.

For long-term (a few weeks):

Buy target 1: 6500
Buy target 2: 5500
Buy target 3: 3600

Actually I have called these targets in my previous post almost two days ago. You can check my previous post by searching my old username (yqmhay).

If you have followed my signal from beginning, now you have at least 13% profit. I called these target when BTC             was 7094 (check the related idea link). I called short-term long the second time when BTC             just fell from 8274 to 7500.

Now you can take some profit now. I have taken some profit because I am not a gambler. The next wave will happen before Feb. 10. I will take all my profits around Feb. 10 and hedge until next Tuesday.

There is still one uncertainty unclear: Binance is still down. I do not have information about it right now. It could have a large impact on the whole market if the result turns out to be negative.

*Here is one trading tip (for new traders, not for investors):

*Fiat is still more important than crypto at this stage. Don't FOMO. NEVER DO THAT. You are in cryptoland already. You wont miss out. Take small profit to be safe. Fail to long crypto is equivalent to losing REAL money.

******I trade basing on my own analysis. I usually gain but sometimes I do lose. So please make your own judgement.******

******This is NOT pure TA. I also use information that I cannot show you on the chart and the fact that our market is manipulated as f**k. *******

If you have made some money following my signals and you feel happy, you can donate whatever amount of Nano             ( XRB             ) to support me publishing more ideas. Thanks!

Nano             ( XRB             ): xrb_1ee1mxnsss6fsb6iaes8c7hy7ox9qc9ieye1acxbo69wd3wkbsb7y8dd6xth

Cryptocurrency is created to be used. Don't simply be a trader. Use it. Or we will have no future.

Bình luận: Binance worries me.
Be prepared for three possibilities:

1. Huge sell off after Binance resumes trading. Crash continues. BTC falls to my first buy target 6500 before bouncing back.

2. Huge sell off after Binance resumes trading. Huge bounce back right after. BTC jump to my third sell target 9600 or even 10k+.

3. Binance offers really good compensations to all users. Small sell off after resuming trading or nothing happens.

I cannt tell which one has better chance. I have no information about this accident right now because I am busy on other stuffs at the moment.

Trade safe and good luck.
Bình luận: Again, Binance.

I am leaning toward the first possibility now until Binance announces any compensations.

If you find the price drop too quickly after resuming trading, you can wait for the bounce. There will be a small bounce. Sell there.

I might be wrong because of the second possibility. But I'd rather be safe. Small profit is better than losing.
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