OKEX:BTCUSD3M   BTCUSD Futures Contract 26 Mar 2021
tether FUD is FUD in it self. the sell off last week was blistering volume on all exchanges.

price has met lots of resistance, as soon as the price broke down people piled into shorts.

the break of the first 2 black lines created the momentum for a cascading event.

once the 3rd black line broke spot sellers fear new lows have stops triggered cascading the price down thru the blue lines.

big money had bids at the old lows in the yellow box and price consolidated above that.

the actual volume was huge everywhere. that is real volume . but it was emotional retail volume .

it was people covering, fearing new lows. these people don't let go of shorts in profit. and they opened them in a meltdown.

so today when the price broke above the the first blue line all those people had to cover and or buy back their positions.

because there was so much volume on the way down that resulted in loads of volume to cover those unclosed positions on the way up.

big money put bids in the yellow box. consolidated it. a momentum ignition move squeezed the people shorting the consolidation. then that squeeze move provided the momentum for meltup.

once the price started breaking thru the blue boxes people/bots took breakout longs.

this move makes total sense when examining the data of the week prior.

no fud, just algos and retail at work, and the volume proves it.

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nicely summed up Dj, so what is the logical conclusion, they shorted the hell outta out highs? and were in for max pain?
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Schrekt Schrekt
@Schrekt, *old
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@Schrekt, they piled on the shorts really really hard on the meltdown(the big volume dump) as they truly thought new lows were coming. it did not come, then stop orders & cover and margin calls of that excess volume caused a meltup. zero sum game.
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Virtualme CoinStreetNews
@CoinStreetNews, Cheers Mate, thx for your thoughts ;)
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