BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
3 minutes 500 USD up. It was Binance again with the BTC             USDT pair and bots - Nothing to do with humans and real money!
Miss good old days. bleh this shit, i can see everything turned retarded since usdt came to crypto.
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trailing shorts were closed out methinks, plus buying at a key level
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KISStheProfit therandomwalk
@therandomwalk, This would just keep the price stady at 8000-8100 for at least 10 minutes. It was two big buys 10% ABOVE the key levels. VERY big buys.
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therandomwalk KISStheProfit
@KISStheProfit, 1) were they 2 BIG buy ORDERS 10% above, or immediate purchases offering 10% higher price ? how is that even possible? 2) How do you/ does one get that level of information?
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KISStheProfit therandomwalk
@therandomwalk, I used to day trade a lot, and this game was done many times with all golden pairs on different, almost unexpected levels. You can check out the minute charts of ETH, BTC, NEO for the last months and you can see that they are all moving in exact manner, with exact % toghether, when jumping. You can compare and see that most of other exchanges usually are dragging behing late several minutes. These are the pair with UDST on Binance and Bitfinex. Both in the game.
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