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I see lots of TA today, Where is all the FA?!?!?!

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It's my first post.

I enjoy all the TA on here. Quite often there is a disappointing lack of comments with the idea..... but not many are talking about FA with their TA.

Right now, the powers that be in the US are speaking incredibly bullishly about Cryptocurrencies, whilst rightly talking about the need to hit the scammers hard.

I was shocked to see the market go down another 1000 bucks after last nights early release of the testimonies.

No surprises that 2 hours before the meeting starts today the market went up approx 22%.

America recognises this is here to stay, there is no ban coming, the only ban is in communist china.

Many will follow the US lead. If you want to stay in the game as an economy, you MUST keep up with the Jones'.

We are going up again from here, unless there is some enormous FUD this week.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Nice to get one right first time ;-)

I will leave the excellent technical gurus at your disposals to work out where we go next, hopefully without any more dickheads with jobs above their station, opening their big mouths and killing the rally!!
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