The price broke 7000.00 important level and dropped to SMA100. This support line can stop and reverse the market. In spite of MACD and DMI indicators confirm downward movement, RSI is in the oversold zone. It can be a signal that the market will reverse soon and start a new upward movement. If we get a bullish candle at SMA100 and RSI confirms price reversal, we should be ready to buy above 7000.00 level. But levels at the support zone are more interesting for buying. This zone is formed by 6200.00 and 6000.00 levels and it's stronger than SMA100. If the price bounces from this zone, pending orders for buy can be placed above the high of the signal bullish candle.
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Thank you Lavrov, made my biggest trade yet on this drop to 5.4k, not to mention the bounce to 6.4k after. I expect another test around 5k and below, then we go up. I’d say we’re 75% completed in the correction before we go up again to 8-10k. I waited for this drop in fiat since we topped 7.5k. Totally worth it. My lesson here from past mistakes was, stick with your plan and don’t ruin it for 200 eur profit when you can make 10x more. Felt good to reap the profits. If you’re left bag holding don’t worry, BTC will recover. Don’t sell for a loss.
Phản hồi
@DLavrov BTC USDT bounce back from $5000 to the moon now? Because ETC, BCH dump on times?
Phản hồi
Actually, it bounced at 6201.5 and the bullish candle high is 6381.4 is it a good time to place buy orders around 6390 or is better to wait for a better and more strong bounce signal at a lower price (6100-6000) BCH is in sideways trend now, it looks like, to me, that people are taking profit from BCH and coming back in to BTC, your thoughts?
Phản hồi
What price do you think Bitcoin will be at the end of the year?
Phản hồi
Arrived at the same target. Looks great!
Phản hồi
Always Appreciated
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Thank you for sharing, I always waiting for your published opinion in BTCUSDT.
Phản hồi
Thank you so much for sharing professional opinion!
+4 Phản hồi
@Green03, You release he basically offers captain obvious type info and is rarely actually correct and his information is untradeable. He's wrong more often than right but who cares, he does it professionally. #facepalm
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RaduV Dashtothetop
@Dashtothetop, are you watching something else?
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