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Hi guys,

I took binance chart because the chart was much easier to count (no margin liquidation candle). Some people watch their 1h hour chart looking at details when the goal is to see the bigger picture. i STRONGLY believe with that count that we are going to see unexpexcted high value this month. I will put my balls in a meat blender if this count is complete but doesnt show a new ATH and put video on tradingview and youtube.

You dont find that BTS move are weird right now ? Like following BTC and seems to not follow it right after ? From an TA point of view, there is definetely something going on. I dont want to be too bullish . But if this count appear to be right, expect god like gains. Right now a lot of bad mood coming out from the community, this is a buy signal when people look over a coin and sell it at cheap price. Lastly, we reached a floor and slowly but surely people accumulate in deep silence, forming a compressive triangle. I pictured you my primary count. Im uber bullish for the time ahead, so confident that i bet the destiny of my balls, here publicly.

See :

Bình luận: (binance is on maintenance, so the price wont move until they finish it)
Bình luận: Everything goes as planned. And its going to be big.
Bình luận: Uve contacted by a team member of Lykke trading paltform (the first fiat acces for BTS!). I hate speculating in public, but lets say thats its not for now (since they want to implement BTS as the main pair it takes more time to code) or short term. I have the unofficial information, but wise people gonna understand if i say that it may trigger an higher price target for wave 5.

They plan to use BTS as the main currency pair of the platform (!).
Bình luận: Ive been contacted*
Bình luận: BTS State Of The Network :
Bình luận: There is some information flowing in BTS telegram channel that BTS might be added by a major Korean exchange. Since implementation rumors could block BTS integration, i will not say which one is about.

I shared Lykke BTS intregration since its on their official website. But will not share the name of the Korean exchange because nothing official has been released yet. I have severral picture but they still need to be authentified.


Why would I spread rumors ? This is not about spreading FOMO or rumors. Its about the fact that, as i always say : news will comes to justify the impulse. This is the magic of TA.
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: GREAT NEWS :
Bình luận: "We going to see hundreds of billions of dollars going throught Latin America and its back bone is bitshares" at 6min it getting very interesting to have a point of view from outside investors.
Bình luận: ****IMPORTANT****

Trading on a US platform should listen the part starting at 6 min we he talks about a possible US platform going to get busted. BTS-DEX is the only legal platform with successfuly have the high standard license of SEC and CFTC.

This made me laugh : John Gotts said : anyone in the compagny (BCL) catching selling BTS gonna be fired
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Fractals in play ?
Bình luận: I was expecting BTS to follow BTC uptrend. But some few guys decided to trade their Graphen technology for an old 2009 10 min block time.

its like accepting trading a fast instant internet(BTS) for a 10 min loading page internet that cost 1000x more (BTC).

Im sorry but i dont understand how form a technological point of view its a good trade to sell BTS for BTC.
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Đã hủy lệnh
We just have to wait for the next big exchange hack before people storm to Bitshares and BTS
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@sjolles, yes, im waiting patiently the reality test for these crytpocurrency poping from everywhere. 90% of the people buying btc cant explainhow BTc blockchain works. And all these people screaming decentralization is cool while they trade on centralized exchange easily hackable. WHile DEX is 100% decentralized and is hack proof. SHow me one major exchange who hve a license from CFTC.. none, DEX is licensed and have the high standard license.
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SimonMercier SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, trading BTS for BTC is like trading your new PC for an old 2009 one. And then they will sell BTC for tether which virtually worth nothing and is created out of thin air. At least trade BTS for bitUSD or bitGold which is collaterally backed buy real assets.
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k.gritsyuk SimonMercier
@SimonMercier, It's like selling Ferrari and buying a cart with a horse )))

Apparently the weak marketing component, as well as the lack of easy entry of fiat money into the stock exchange led to this situation
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My pending buy order is up 0.000031. I will buy a lot :)
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@Only0ne, The days ahead look bright as the sun !!!
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Only0ne Only0ne
@Only0ne, stop loss reached... :/ BTC is a GOD for alts. Damn it
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@Only0ne, yea but just hold at this point. dont play this market. compressive fluctuations normally announce greater fluctuations
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bulls are here :)
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Why did you count abc at white wave III's ?
Nice analysis from what I do understand!
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