BTS breakout + STEALTH testnet available "in the coming weeks"

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
Trade based in a @spacetrader public idea. His idea is linked in related ideas, check it to know his outlook of the situation.

I'm now slowly loading of BTSBTC             , trying to buy as low as possible a remain unnoticed in the market. Basically i'm trying to buy low 300.

This is a non margin trade and i do recommend not using margin in this trade. This kind of markets can have huge wicks looking for overleveraged traders.

This trade doesn't have fixed targets nor stops, they will be adapted to the market situation. But those white areas are my ultra-bullish targets.

I'm into this trade due to both technichals and fundamentals. Keep reading to know more.

-Daily MACD turned bullish and weekly MACT trying to do so
-Huge and old downwards trendline broken
-RSI's with room to grow


New project named Stealth almost ready to be unleashed, to learn the basics check this interview to company CEO   

Basically, this is the most important pieces of that interview

What is Stealth?

"Stealth is a new transaction feature for the Bitshares blockchain that allows every user to send & receive any kind of funds or assets in 100% Privacy. Stealth allows users to hold any kind of funds hidden from all blockchain explorers, and enables users to send & receive funds and assets in 3 seconds or less. Since all transactions are on-chain, you have all the benefits of the blockchain plus the best anonymity and security you could ever ask for. "

When will be Stealth available?

"The core components of Stealth are already finished I expect the Stealth testnet to be made available for public testing in the coming weeks in 2017."
**published 23rd February 2017

After the success of my sdcbtc             trade (check it in the related ideas), that had a similar technichal setup and a similar caliber hype event, i expect this trade to develop even better.
Bình luận: Also credits to spacetrader for this link:
Check it to know a bit more about what is BitShares
Bình luận: Weekly chart in USD, where the downtrend is less discouraging
Bình luận: ETA for Stealth: 6 weeks
Bình luận: I have built a position at 347 base price. Tried to have lower base price, but it didn't want to go down.
I'm still a buyer if we pull back again under 350
Bình luận: It has now broken out in log scale too
Bình luận: Weekly breakout confirmed with volume to back it up and weekly MACD just turned bullish.
Bình luận:

Last test proved bitshares blockchain able to process 3300 tx/s.
Just so you can compare, btc currently processing up to 3tx/s (limited by blocksize)
Bình luận: So far siting at big big profit. Support area at 575-595 satoshi. If we break it down clearly i will lighten my bag.

If we manage to hold/consolidate this usd value we could be ready to make new usd ATH
Bình luận: Target 1 reached.
Closed 35% of position at 748.
I rebought that 35% at 680. And closed it again at 660 average.
Then as the rejection was being strong, i kept selling all the way down, selling an other 30% of position with 625 average.
Placed a laddered SL under 515 for the remaining 35% position.
Right now looking pretty bad. Let's see how it behaves the price the rest of today.
Bình luận: It seems bts is back on track and going to try soon to break the 750-850 resistance. At a succesful break and retest i might rebuy some of the sold bts.
Im targeting the secomd resistance area for the remaining 35% of position.
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: I got out of this trade. Sold the remaining 35% of position at 1161 average.
The 65% i sold two days ago when i panicked on that strong rejection was sold at 652 average.
That means i sold 830 in average, over my 347 entry point that means a 140% NET profit.
Easy trade, low risks taken, and huge profit.
Congrats to all those that kept holding till now and can enjoy much bigger profits.
See you at the next trade :D
I knew it were coming back :D sold 50% of my position now at 780, sad to not have sold in the previous pump for a reload after.

I'm not sure if the hype has started yet because there is no date for stealth release, so, @bagofXMR do you think it's good to reload if it dips again? or should we leave this trade taking those good profits now?
Phản hồi
bagofXMR etiennez0r
@etiennez0r, if it retraces again here so violently as it did before it wouldn't be a good signal, so i wouldn't rebuy.
Clearly i panicked with that rejection, probably it was the goal of the whales. Still i'm holding that 35% ~1200.
I might reload a 15% if we break 850 and pullback bounces at 750 or higher.
In my opinion, sometimes is better to miss some profits if you can widly reduce the risk.
Phản hồi
@bagofXMR, kk thanks for your word as always! :)
Phản hồi
I exoect bts to keep climbing next days, unfortunately couldn't sell at 740 becase was off line, will hold the position open
Phản hồi
bagofXMR etiennez0r
@etiennez0r, I still think breaking the resistance signaled in the chart is possible as stealth approaches, but i'm deep in green and taking some profits seemed wise to me after that rejection in that important resistance area.
I closed there as i had a sell order.
When i started this trade i really didn't expect to reach it easily, so i'm really glad this worked out this way.
Now with over 120% ROI i can hold the remaining bag without many fears.
This is the SL i've placed
10% 510, 10% 490, 15% 470 for the remaining 35%
Phản hồi
Should be "@ash"
Phản hồi
@bdtom, Thanks.
Phản hồi
bdtom bagofXMR
@bagofXMR, Thank you too for your outstanding researches!
Phản hồi
Phản hồi
@bdtom, It doesn't work either, at least form here. but it still was usefull to findout my link wasn't working. i dont know why
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