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How to enter a trade (entry signals) for CTR/BTC price spike

BINANCE:CTRBTC   Centra / Bitcoin
Hi all.

I've had some PM's about the price spike we had for CTR/BTC             over the last 24 hours, given that I did some analysis on this a few days back.

I've recorded this vid to provide some context around what you should have been looking for! There's also some time spent on what not to do, which will hopefully be useful for newer traders.

Hope it's useful. Let me know any feedback or other things that you would like covered.

Cheers and good luck,
Bình luận: 3:30 for the entry points if you want to skip the beginner psychology stuff :)
Bình luận: Also, I meant to say this in the video but forgot... It's easy to sit back and look at a historical chart and see what you "should" have done, but all of the indicators and key trading signals I've mentioned here were available to you in real-time, you just had to be patient to see them. Which is why you should never try and enter at the very bottom of a trend - wait for confirmation of the reversal (and your signals) before doing so.
Know what you're doing. If you don't, learn. Until you learn, don't trade.
NEVER follow someone's trade without understanding 100% why they're suggesting it. People are wrong all the time - 90% of traders lose
Sheesh... not having much luck with the recording. Cut off the early bit and the audio is still jumpy! Apologies!
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