Following previous prediction fairly well although holding support line around 5000sats.
I am still pretty certain we are heading back down to previous structure at around 4000sats before another bounce back to test resistance on the down trend, this time back at 5000sats.

This time i would sat entry around 4000sats, sell off at 5000 for an easy 20%.
If we get a break out from resistance expect another 20% to 6000sats, i would still be taking profit at 5000 imo             and look to reenter if the 4hr candle closes over 5000sats over that down trend resistance.
Bình luận: Be mindfull guys that if we break support at 3950, i would be hesitant to enter this trade, i would rather see confirmation of a bounce of support possibly a bullish engolfing on the next 4hr candle would be a good indication to enter the trade.
why be hesitant to enter if it breaks 3900 i mean it would be a better entry at that point, 88% fib area in my opinion. Now I wouldn't enter the trade if it went below 0%. Rsi is at 20 bounce soon
Phản hồi
whiskey4 whiskey4
@whiskey4, also looking at the over all falling wedge I can count ABCDE pattern for elliotwave. That last drop down can be E leg and a bounce there after. I didn't count subwaves though to confirm.
Phản hồi
hey buddy, wow following you line darned close eh. now lets see if it climbs back to where i bought the stuff. ha
Phản hồi
@ajcvet, thanks mate, best of luck
Phản hồi
@Sir_DURZO there you go mate, descent possible trade call if interested.
+1 Phản hồi
Sir_DURZO Donnybrasco01
@Donnybrasco01, I am definitely interested . Thx for the update .I am looking forward for more updates ;)
Phản hồi
@Sir_DURZO, thanks mate, hopefully this helps you get a trade in, it hasnt hit as low as i was hoping at had a little bounce already but it still may get down there.
With btc side ways movement though im expecting a little rise.
I would still be taking profits around the 4700 mark but if it busts out of that down trend i may jump back in to ride the next wave
+1 Phản hồi
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