$DCR - Decred Lightning Network - June 2017

POLONIEX:DCRBTC   Decred / Bitcoin
The lightning network is the most directly useful application of smart contracts to date since it allows for off-chain transactions that optionally settle on-chain. This infrastructure has clear benefits for both scaling and privacy.

Possibly new all time highs.

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just bought some at 0.0102, let's see if I finally got a good entry on something
Phản hồi
Been in since .0096 in anticipation for this,
Phản hồi
DCR is going to enter chinese exchange soon. it should boost the price.
Phản hồi
renkcub PRO ClaudeMartinet
@ClaudeMartinet, which exchange? is this confirmed?
Phản hồi
Is a date confirmed for lightning though?
Phản hồi
@renkcub, most likely Q4 2017. It should be still carefully tested before activation in mainnet, so 4+ months sounds reasonable.
Phản hồi
They're also going to be announcing their plans for privacy in early Q3, which in the dev's words, will be quite a "departure" from what the other privacy projects are doing right now. If this is announced in July along with the's going to be nuts.
Phản hồi
Interesting. I agree with price direction. Not sure if overall alt market allows this to pump right now. But we're definitely at major whale support. Just a matter of when not if.
Phản hồi
RomanoRnr yomofoV
@yomofoV, exactly. I don't wanna say a specific time frame. Just pointing out it will probably happen. Pretty sure whales are interested too.
Phản hồi
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