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Is DENT getting ready to move?!

Technically speaking, DENT has been forming a descending triangle , which is a bearish pattern .
This pattern usually precedes a continuation of the current trend. Although, I'm here to offer a possibly different perspective.
I believe DENT may be ready to run fairly soon, and this is why.

Daily RSI is showing a possible double-bottom forming. (This one will have to be watched closely as it can very easily be invalidated.)
Daily MACD is showing 2 recent attempts at crossing bullish .
Volumes in this region have been growing steadily.
40 RSI seems to be getting defended pretty heavily on almost all mid-term time frames recently.

15m chart:



Fundamentally, DENT is a game changer. They plan to disrupt the telecom companies by systematically destroying the need for data plans. Users can exchange DENT for data packages, so you can access the internet worldwide without the need for a traditional cell carrier.
I will be a long time holder of DENT so this trade is more of a mid-long term one.

Accumulate under 25 sats . I do not have a stop loss set as I will be holding this for long term, but if I were to set one it would probably be 21/22 as 23 sats is DENTs current lowest low.
I've already accumulated the vast majority of my position and will only begin to accumulate again under 15/20 if it gets that far.
This is not financial advice, as always, DYOR :)
Bình luận: Sorry for the delay in updating. I've been waiting for DENT to show any signals of trend reversal.

This week is the first time since early January that DENT is showing green on the TTM squeeze indicator.

6H shows extreme bullish divergence:

4H doesn't show anything particularly interesting but thought I'd post it for record keeping:

Still somewhat concerned with the lack of volume. With that being said, volume is and has been at least GROWING since DENT broke support at 27 sats.

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