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DGB trajectory to $10 by May of 2019

POLONIEX:DGBUSD   DigiByte / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
There are a lot of haters and naysayers of DGB on various forums and Twitter. Many of these people are disgruntled because they bought into DGB at an all time high and sold at or near the bottom. In response to their loss, they smear the reputation of DGB with false information. It seems rather foolish to take them seriously.

We don't buy at peaks and sell at the bottom. Rather, we accumulate a strong position at the bottom and take profits along the way when there is significant upward movement. We reenter the market on dips for long term positions for gains in the future.

Multitudes of people are complaining about the current price of DGB . Don't pay attention to those who only consider the satoshi value of DGB . They don't understand triangulation.

The current price of DGB in USD is 69 times greater than in March of this year. And, we are at the bottom according to market sentiment.

Furthermore, we will be at $1 per DGB by Nov of 2018 if and only if we stay in the orange triangle. We've touched each side of the ascending triangle twice thus far. Additionally, we will be at $10 in May of 2019 if we respect the right leg of triangle. Of course, prediction fails should we break below right leg of triangle. Our ultimate target lies in the blue box which ranges from $1 - $10.

Don't be like the masses who ignore the fundamentals of this digital asset.

We have already solved the scaling issues that plagues BTC since our block size doubles every two years. We are currently processing 560 transactions per second. By 2035, we'll be able to process 280,000 TPS.

With DGB , transactions are confirmed and spendable in about 6 minutes or less. People who claim speed does not matter have swallowed a pill called delusion. Think about it. You can send DGB to anyone in the world for about one cent and that money is spendable in 6 minutes. The value proposition lies within its technology.

DGB pioneered digishield which is utilized in 25 different altcoins. The difficulty to mine adjusts in real time to prevent a malicious attack. Mining is super decentralized since the DGB blockchain is on 100,000+ nodes. DGB uses five algorithms which provides security for the network. DGB is planning on swapping an algorithm in the near future to prevent ASIC centralization.

DGB is in the process of being added to Ledger so that users have a hardware wallet to store their digibytes.

The DGB team provides constant updates on Twitter and Telegram channels so that investors can stay informed. Further, Jared Tate, the founder of DGB , is in the process of establishing a DGB foundation which will allow for significant growth.

A solid foundation has been established with respect to the technology of DGB . Now, real world applications can be built upon the DGB blockchain. Developers are needed in this area!

We are great for processing micro transactions since our supply will be 21 billion by 2035. But, the use cases go far beyond payment processing. The focus of DGB is on cyber security which is the focal point for blockchain applications.

DGB is making an effort to get onto Coinbase. This has serious implications for price growth since people would be able to buy DGB directly with USD.

The conclusion of the whole matter is this:

i) Don't be swayed by people who lack vision and fail to see the value propositions of this technically superior asset.

ii) If you want a long term investment with relatively low risk and high reward then accumulate a strong position now since we are at the bottom.

iii ) Make an informed decision based on facts and not on fear, uncertainty, and doubt spread by those who have buyer's remorse.

Your comments are greatly appreciated whether positive or negative. You need not construe this analysis as investment advice. These are my own opinions but I hope you will consider the arguments contained herein. I could be 100% wrong but that doesn't seem likely.

Bình luận:
Bình luận: The USD value clearly diverges from satoshi value as can be seen here:

Switch from linear scale to log scale to see it more clearly.

The divergence is growing. In fact, the divergence has never been greater in the entire history of DGB!!

Let's consider what happened in the past during periods of divergence. We see significant upward movement from Jan - Feb of 2015. The USD value increased 5x. Furthermore, the USD value increased 8x from Sep - Oct of 2015.

Therefore, we should see an increase greater than 8 times since the divergence is the greatest.

Simply put, this is another indicator that now is a perfect time to buy.

Finally, I've noticed weak hands selling out to make a 10 satoshi gain on their investment. Why not let Digibyte grow? Why settle for small returns?

Now is the time for buying not selling. Don't make that mistake.
Bình luận: This sleeping giant has awoken!!

Think long-term profits. Be smart though. Take profits along the way at key points and reenter on dips.

Volume increasing rather quickly.
Bình luận: @ emaratilicious, this is a log chart
Bình luận: @aero1 and immortal_5a, Thanks for the nice comments!
Bình luận: @ XenoBiologist, Thanks for your nice comment. I'm working on another analysis for DGB. I'll post once it is ready.
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: My projection for BTC:

Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: A bullish scenario:

Bình luận: Inverse head and shoulders formation on BTC & DGB charts:

Bình luận: A bearish scenario for BTC & DGB if BTC hasn't finished its ABC correction:

Bình luận: Head & Shoulders formation on DGB USD log chart:

Bình luận: Trade closed. Broke right leg of triangle which is a key support.
Nice longterm analysis, care to update us?
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Lets goooo DGB
+2 Phản hồi
These words are beautiful!

Recently I left:
- BTC with 100% profit
- LSK with 100% profit

Currently, I put all capital in DGB, it is certainly safer than the tetcher.

- It's cheap
- Profit can be huge
- The risk of breaking the resistance is low.

We believe in you DGB !!!!
+4 Phản hồi
@aero1, what you opinion about $1 and also $10?
Phản hồi
Why your chart looks different ?

Phản hồi
jbutler7 Emaratilicious
@Emaratilicious, Log scale
Phản hồi
what an essay man ! you R awsome
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+1 Phản hồi
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