Will Wong

DOWI: After some serious distribution the last several days, the

DJ:DJI   Trung bình Dow Jones Industrial
last two lines of defense.
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Bình luận: Update with expanded 5,3,5 Wave 4 correction

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Bình luận: Watch trend line carefully

If the not so federal, FED, decides to print more money it may be a good long, but it's overdue for a break to the downside by about 2-3 yrs. The only thing that made today's price possible was the printing of Trillions of dollars in sold off debt and forced low interest rates. The rubber band was stretched to it's limits and it time for a snap back into reality OR increase US debt by 2 trillion more USD in 2018 JUST to prop of the market along with going back to low interest rates and even further national debt accumulation.

This is why governments and the US corporatocracy should not be allowed to mess with money creation, derivatives and other such things as it doesn't allow the market true price discovery freely. Free market my eye, this is a captive market that not only wants but needs a hard correction. With this, it would be a good thing for all metals holders with paper IOUs to call for physical delivery. Let's just get the cat out of the bag shall we?
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