Dow Jones Industrial Drop & Rebound Projection - Fib Retracement

DJ:DJI   Chỉ số Trung bình Dow Jones Industrial
Of course I'm betting that price will follow one of the yellow lines, but let's talk about why...

Drawing the with the Fibonacci Tool with the correct ratios has a profound effect - you can start to see where the market will reverse with surprising accuracy, even when the market is creating new highs.
To set our Fib tool we use these ratios:
0 - Trend Beginning
.5 - Half (not a harmonic number, but I find value in having it)
1 - Trend End

We can then use the tool to look for new resistance/support that has not been drawn yet.

:PAST: Drawing A to B shows us the next resistance at the 1.618 line. It hit and reversed at that point (around 350 points off) SEE CHART
:PAST: Drawing C to D shows us the next resistance at 1.618 as well, where price resisted and was able to break through to the 2.618 (around 80 points off)
:PRESENT: Drawing C to E will show new possible support/resistance- We would normally use past values to draw this, but there are none!
-------------We may even look further for the . 886 retracement (not drawn) and the . 786 retracement (also not drawn) for price to bounce and resume upward. ----------------------
: FUTURE: Drawing from (new low point) to E will show us the next possible stopping point for the DOW


Đã hủy lệnh: Not going to happen anytime soon with Trump in office - it would need to go below the price when he took office.

Look for the same measurement C to D to have some sideways movement at 3.618
When do you think it will reach 18920?
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corganmusic andrewau2014
@andrewau2014, of the time it takes to grow, it usually takes half the time to correct. so around 500 days. Looking at this again though, and realizing the implications - it would drop below the price when Pres Trump took office I completely withdraw my prediction of it dropping this far.

That being said, I still believe in the way that it's drawn from C to D, and will be looking for another correction at 3.618 :)
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