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Updated Fed Chairperson Pattern

Previous Fed Chair and Stock Market (divided by CPI             , to make it "real").

You can see how there is turmoil typically at the beginning of a new Central Bankers term.

Bernanke, not initially as he sat on top of a giant credit bubble that was set to pop.

Greenspan had the worst initial stock market performance, but Bernanke had the worst performance with a close tie to Arthur Burns (under Nixon-Ford-Carter in the inflationary late 1970's).

There is so much to learn from history that is often mis-taught and oversimplified in history books.

Yellen ended up the 2nd shortest term as a Federal Reserve Chairperson, 2nd to William Miller during Carter's tenure.

Conclusion: Looks like there is a wide variety of possibilities.

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Fascinating. Each new Chair inherits the unresolved problems from previous administrator so makes sense to have volatility early in term.
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"Very Nice Chart Post" -- Thanks
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Pinned, will definitely revisit
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