ELFBTC - The future is coming?

BINANCE:ELFBTC   aelf / Bitcoin
I have been following ELF for a while, and it is a neat project. I recommend everyone to read more about the fundamentals to compliment the technical. When trading in the crypto arena, eyes must not develop tunnel vision, but instead, see the bigger picture. With the markets so volatile, there is no such thing as a guarantee. The person who is the most uninformed will be the most broke.

In short and without being esoteric about the technology, AElf seeks to innovate the current "archaic" (ironic) blockchain technology. Although it may sound cliche in the blockchain world, their project is "unique" in that it attempts to solve issues that blockchain technology is facing rather than depending on the current blockchain technology as part of their overall startup idea. The issues that current blockchain technology is slow speed, high cost, a limited scalability, much akin to Bitcoin's ongoing issues preventing it from being utilized as an everyday currency. AElf's goal is to streamline things through their "blockchain system" to optimize the performance. AElf will run nodes on clusters. It will allow assigned transactions to different groups based on mutex of the transactions. Transactions within a group will be processed in linear sequence, while all groups will be processed simultaneously. The assigned node groups are elected by AELF token holders based on the node’s processing efficiency as well as their profitability. The interesting thing about this is the "voting system" which will allow AELF to be entirely community driven, decentralized, and allow community members to elect mining nodes, features, and important decisions. I have not seen any other project like this, other than arguably EOS, but that is a matter for a separate topic.

Here is a link to their development roadmap which I like to use to track their project and know approximately when to keep an open eye for price movement: https://github.com/AElfProject/AElf#deve...

Here is a page for updates on their project: https://medium.com/@aelfblockchain

Elf had a steady run up earlier last week making it to its ATH . This week, the profit makers are taking their share. Accordingly, we can see a consolidation of prices under the 1H time frame. The prices have remained steady within a channel between 16688 and 19481 since it fell from the ATH . Judging by the 1H chart, i predict that ELF will bounce off the heavy support line at 16688 (green horizontal line). The resistance will be at three stages (18500, 19510, and 21900) before we start talking about the new ATH target. Since I already have some skin in the game and see that AElf actually has a product (and making progress), I will hold and buy more once I get confirmation that it will bounce off the 16688 resistance. If it breaks through that line, I predict it will fall no lower than the 15550 line since the main trend is up. Worst case scenario is that the feds raid their HQ, seize their assets, news breaking story about how AELF's project is a complete failure, and then the price will nosedive to 12500 territory. Imo , unlikely.

Fundamentals are telling me that AElf is making much progress for a project that raised money in their private ICO back in November 2017 (and as far as we know, did not give discounts to investors for bulk buys). It is already at 17000 sat since November, and will go up plenty more. Technicals are telling me that the long term trend is up and a good hold. The short term trend is telling me that the current downtrend will likely (no guarantee) rebound soon.
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