EOSETH - Perfect Heartbeat Lightning Bolt and Tall

When you have a 100% tall Perfect Heartbeat Lightning Bolt with a Sell Candle winning the Volume war and a U distribution the ranging Heartbeater really starts to get excited !!

Remember this axis and stay tuned for the markets reaction to such a fine beast we have spotted here in the cryptosphere !

Manual traders should expect a recede in price at least to the 0.236..

I am expecting a consolidation period over the next week focused on or near the axis depending on the true sign of the Perfect LB             we have just witnessed then a violent breakout ( assumed bullish )...
Bình luận: Just watching in awe as it sticks to that axis..
Bình luận: This may be about to go on a bull run. Get ready. I'm thinking 40% up otherwise retrace below 0.236 fib or below before run up on the weekend or next week. The echo is larger generally matches shape roughly or perfectly often is slingshot as it often changes angle (axis)
Bình luận: Told you, wasn't far off, 30% is alright all the same, I'm thinking if the echo ensues how I see it, we'll see more where that came from.
I have built an army of cyborg ninjas that give to charity !

Score Board:
.0236 maybe?
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Benjamix PRO Itsthejaya
@Itsthejaya, 0.236 fib.. that looks like the first opportunity to make a full bet considering that the consolidation is looking bearish.. then at 0 fib drag to the left, they are labelled but out of view.. they almost always touch the 0.236 fib at 85k satoshis in this case..
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.236 eth?
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You having any issues with the Binance API? They seem to be really struggling under their recent popularity.
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Benjamix PRO cryptknight
@cryptknight, No, it is way out classing the rest..

I run the top bot though.. you might be struggling with poor programming
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cryptknight Benjamix
@Benjamix, "Top Bot" is that the name or? I have been interested in trying one (a bot) PM me if u want to keep private.
My problem with Binance is mostly related to using my CoinTracking software, they (Binance) keep restricting access.
I did have some trades go wacky on me during the worst of it, cost me probably 3K...not happy about that :(.
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Benjamix PRO cryptknight
@cryptknight, pm me. I will give you a link and coupon code
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cryptknight Benjamix
@Benjamix, Will do, thank you. Been busy buying the bleed ;)
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Benjamix PRO cryptknight
@cryptknight, sent.. I'm building another way to the one i sent you but I'm not convinced it's worth it until it's thoroughly tested by users of the same community.
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It buys bleeds with style. I'm manually doubling down locally too. Definitely ready to do it over and over to keep my average buy falling with me. Accumulate Bitcoin if it continues to be bearish like this. We are the vultures picking at dead bulls and bears. Spoils of war !!! Hahaha !!! Lol
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