Ethereum Classic $ETC Price Surge On Callisto $CLO Airdrop

BITTREX:ETCBTC   Ethereum Classic / Bitcoin
Callisto Coin $CLO is estimated to be over $300-500

Essentially, the issues to be fixed with the Callisto job are laid out as under:
There is no reward for coin owners to continuously have coins which is essential for “shop of worth” money.
Interest and also impact in the network are not stabilized. The equilibrium is highly prejudiced to the miners.
Lack of administration system. Cold betting method might function as an intermediate action for administration system application.
The upgrade likewise reviews Callisto’s preliminary circulation, introducing the airdrop for ETC owners:

” It was made a decision to disperse the preliminary risk of CLO in between present ETC owners. We will certainly make a photo of ETC blockchain at block 5500000 (around 5 March,2018 This relies on ETC block time and also ETC hashrate modifications). We execute the preliminary equilibrium of each ETC owner in the Callisto network genesis block, so each ETC proprietor will certainly get CLO coins immediately in a 1:1 proportion to the quantity of ETC that he had at block 5500000.

Following the news, ETC rose from under $40to a high of $46, prior to dealing with as long-lasting owners potentially took revenues and also Bitcoin             took a dive, starting a total market decrease. This time around ETC appears to be a great deal a lot more secure, not going down as a lot as it typically does at the very first indication of a Bitcoin             dip.


Yeah , why 300 - 500 $ ? Can you tell us that calculus you did ? thank you !
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Callisto Coin $CLO is estimated to be over $300-500 ? why do you think?
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naserboss PRO nimrodmandel
@nimrodmandel, what the source?
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nimrodmandel naserboss
@naserboss, dont know this is what i asked @leeschill
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