ETH Quck Short Trade after making a faky new high

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ETH Quck Short Trade
after making a faky new high

We can see price just made a new high
1437 but failed to maintain
Now price just broke the previou's candles'
low, created a lower low

We can sell ETH now, SL above 1379
aim 1200 and 1100
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: hit 1040
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Bình luận

Great analysis. False breakout is a great trade to take.
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Im seeing 2 measured moves completing around the 1522.85:
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Great call!
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@tntsunrise WOW!!!
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exceptional analysis, keep it up.
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they built so many shorts up top this is gpnna be funny
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What about the channel we are still in and what about the 5th wave that still need to complete ? We are also at support zone. Buy now and aim 1470 or 1570. Cheers

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Theforexlife mirmidon86
@mirmidon86, I like your method of thought, very similar to mine in essence.
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Juxtin mirmidon86
@mirmidon86, I agree, The support zone is still holding up and function as barrier to give new signals when passed, this is not the case yet.
RSI still shows that ETH is oversold/underbought atm. the 5th wave is rising.

I have to admit that i believe that its a shorting period at the moment until proven wrong.

Your chart looks amazing and i think is very unspot and look similar to mine. Yours is more advanced tho i can learn from.

Thanks again, good luck and happy trading
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