Large player Positions for CAD, CHF, GBP, JPY, EUR, AUD 1/23/18

FX:EURUSD   Euro Fx/Đô la Mỹ
Hello everyone I have decided to share my analysis of the release of the U.S. COMMODITY FUTURES TRADING COMMISSION weekly report.

Every week I will break down the long format of the CFTC's report and translate it into short hand for people trading Forex. This weekly
report will detail what large speculators such as hedge funds and banks are doing in the market so we can compare
our own ideas and strategies against what larger institutions who consistently make a profit are doing.

For example if you think you should short the EUR/USD             but last week the guys at the big boy's table just dumped 2 trillion in
short positions and opened 1.8 trillion in long positions and on top of that the big players are already 26 trillion long to
11 trillion short. It would be nice to have such information before you bet against the great minds at Goldman Sachs
and all those hedge fund geniuses.

All positions are correlated to the US dollar             . These positions only include entity's within the United States such as Goldman Sachs and other large speculators.

EUR (format in trillion Euro's )

32 long
14 short

Last week
+0.32 Short
+0.97 long

Long term: Strong Buy
Short term: medium Buy

GBP (format in trillions GBP)
6.2 Long
4.1 Short

Last week
+0.9 long
+0.5 short

Long term: medium buy
Short term: medium buy

CAD (format in trillions CAD)
6.9 Long
4.6 Short

Last week
+0.8 long
+0.2 short

Long term: Low buy
Short term: medium buy

CHF (format in trillions CHF)
1.7 Long
4.6 Short

Last week
+0 long
+0.12 short

Long term: strong sell
Short term: strong sell

JPY (format in trillions JPY)
465 Long
2001 Short

Last week
-11 long
+32 short

Long term:very strong sell
Short term:very strong sell

AUD (format in trillions AUD)
6.3 Long
4.6 Short

Last week
+0.13 long
+0.06 short

Long term: medium Buy
Short term: medium Buy

Thank you for your insight. This is very good information.
Phản hồi
malikiie CWashington
@CWashington, Thanks, been working 14 hour days 7 days a week for a while now. no time to update for at least a few more weeks. check it out yourself at look at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Long format
Phản hồi
malikiie CWashington
@CWashington, peso looks like its a strong buy this week
Phản hồi
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