A 90% Winning Strategy - Simple but effective

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Guys ! we all know about Renko Charts, you can use this strategy which is really basic, simple but very very effective. For making good profit it's not that you need loaded Indicators and systems, sometimes a very basic system turns to be effective. Here i am discussing a system which always works. Clear entry and exit rules, you can use this system for scalping on 5 minutes to 15 Minutes charts as well but i suggest go with 1Hr chart for maximum profit.
1) Renko Chart
2) 20 Period Moving average - Simple or Expo no matter.
3) MACD with standard settings.

Now let's see when we have to take Long or Short entry:

Long Entry Rule:
Renko Chart create a Blue Candle Which is crossing above 20 period Moving Average then take Long on closing of candle. - EMA shape points upwards and MACD crossing up for Long entry. Exit rule is Simple, as Renko chart form first Red candle exit trade on closing of candle.

Short Entry Rule:
Renko Chart create a Red Candle Which is crossing Below 20 period Moving Average then take Short on closing of candle. - EMA shape points Downside and MACD crossing down for Short entry. Exit rule is Simple, as Renko chart form first Blue candle exit trade on closing of candle.
How and WHERE Can i test renko EA ? mt4 platform ?
Thank you !
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joseph nemeth style?
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Please may I know what is spread range
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I have been using renko for a long and is the best system you dont even need indicators you can buy and sell on 2 block in on up trened and close trade on 2 blocks in diffrent direction the bigger your block size the better your trades will be
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tonyinweb JeanneRSA
@JeanneRSA, Thank you so much , sir how to manage While the box repaints, I trade in Indian banknote setting box size 20, please guide me. Thank you.
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tonyinweb tonyinweb
@tonyinweb, correction: banknifty typed as banknote
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JeanneRSA tonyinweb
@tonyinweb, Hi tony i have seen the settings on tradeview renko if you use traditional setting it repaints but not on atr settings i trade mostly on metatrader 4 because i have got an ea that i made to trade for me on my renko strategy can't be infront of your computer 24/7 and the market never sleeps,what works best in renko is to have your charts open all the time then there will not be any repainting as soon as you close a chart and open again it will repaint, hope this helps you
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tonyinweb JeanneRSA
@JeanneRSA, Hello Sir , thanks for your reply , I was practicing with fixed bricks. I will try with ATR , and sir I did not understand about the ea you have mentioned please guide me , thank you.
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JeanneRSA tonyinweb
@tonyinweb, Ea stands for expert advisor that trades 24/7 according to your trading system you just set your strategy and ea does all the trades for you
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