[EURUSD] 2017 - Medium term Analysis

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We think that 2017 could be a very interesting year for eurusd . This year there will be some key events which could affect about this pair, and as always, our work will try to seize the opportunities that the market will provide us.
2016 was a very profitable year for our trading, and we are sure that our followers have benefited from this.
Happy trading and happy new year! year ago.....

Thank you for your support and trade with care!
Bình luận: On a shorter term basis, the main focus in the U.S. this week will be the December non-farm payrolls report which will help shape expectations for how quickly the Federal Reserve will raise interest again. Job growth is expected to be strong and a pickup in wage growth is expected after a drop in November. The FOMC minutes will reinforce the Fed's hawkishness while the ISM reports should show that so far, the strong has dollar has had a limited impact on manufacturing and service sector activity.
Bình luận: Fed Fund futures are currently pricing in a 58.5% chance of a rate hike in June and a 77.5% chance of a hike in September.  Said that, this week's Beige Book could still report general improvements in the U.S. economy as that is the overall trend... we'll see!

Thanks for your support and trade with care!
Bình luận:
Bình luận:
Bình luận: after six months.....
Bình luận: ...resistance?
Bình luận:
Bình luận: ...and 2018???
Bình luận: soon an update ...
i think in next week we may see in highest possibility that Euro Bull hit higher zone and keep it up for at least 6 month
1- huge tax bill for riches in USA
2- trump likes to use the way that china use to make money and prevent euro countries to export directly to USA and for this reason it will kill US dollar against other pair to increase amount of the money that they get by exporting to foreign
in this case he will force EU region to move their factories to USA to product their goods inside US with cheaper price and provide a lot of jobs
but still may be i m wrong ...
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Please publish the route for 2018.
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Marvelous work!!!
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In which wave are we now,in wave 3 of A?
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Thank you Sir! The chart is more and more clear now. It looks like 1600 pips is on the way after some small pull back. The middle line is at 1.1400, if we cross this neck line then we go to the upper range between 1.1400-1.2400. The previously gap more looks like the 3rd. wave of the 3rd. wave from EW wave typical major wave. I'll watch the OBV fro more clues.
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I'm still looking at the DAX is rising with the EURUSD together but in the negative interests they look like contrarary on chart from the 2nd. Feb 2015. In fact the EURUSD is the USDEUR from that day and the real price is about 1.24. The correlations are: USDEUR rising from 1.0670 EURUSD dropping from 1.24 and the EURO BUND dropping with the DAX together because the negative interests. In fact from that day the 2nd. Feb 2015, the DAX is in the big 4th. wave corrections where it looks like a new high in 2015. The markets were sabotaged by central banks not just the forex pairs but also the commodities prices look at the gold and the dairy or durable goods and foods and oil... People couldn't understand it or believe it just like they can't read your monthly chart as well.
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Victor.Y.F Victor.Y.F
If you remember this chart I PM you.
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Thank you Sir! I agree with your analysis, especially your long term predictions are very impressive!
I'm now watching out the DXY and the indexes. From EURO BUND weekly chart I predict the Netherlands election result will be Geert Wilders who's anti-muslim right wing will win the power. The EURO will be strengthening from the Europe Union together. I don't want to talk too much politics because of many people feel bad about it even if I'm right. Be careful with DAX and SPX500 some high risks evens there could support VIX and Yen maybe Gold. After Netherlands I look for France election Le Pen wins before the May 2017.

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Great spotting, thank you for sharing.

I feel though a bit unsure on why you have shown ABC correction within the box. Could you please elaborate?

Thanks again
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i dont understand
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