FCT delusional moon dreams. I prey to Satoshi

BITTREX:FCTBTC   Factom / Bitcoin

Shakespeare is Satoshi reincarnated. not many people realize the relevance of his prose in the crypto sphere.
To go long on margin or to not long on margin, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous rekt on margin,
Or to take Arms against a Sea of whales
And by hodling end them

What is Shakespeare intimating you might ask? Well of course he is implying that we must all be aware of the margin gains goblin. Wicked whales whip saw the wild wondering market. Sometimes its simpler and easier on the soul to buy on the spot market rather than with margin. And although shitcoins perhaps lack long term viability and reliable growth in their btc             pairs, we can revel in the shitty shittyness of the shitcoin like a fat pig wallows in the mud and debris of its pen before its ends up slaughtered by the farmer. But you see we are no ordinary pig. As traders we will take the whale bait and get as fat and ferocious as we can; wring out as much food and financial sustenance as we can and escape before the whale farmer slaughters us. ‘You see a shitcoin by any other name would smell just as shitty.’ What is Shakespeare intimating with this quote? I believe he is implying that only insentient crypto clowns perceive the adjective ‘shitcoin’ as a negative appraisal of crypto worth when in fact it is actually a compliment. Shitcoins are the fecal glue that bond the heroic autism of greedy computer scientists trying to cash in on the crypto fad, with the purported altruism and viability of so many shitcoins as the seemingly ever growing masses exercise their right as a shitcoin soundboard to drown out any criticism of their beloved digital tulip             .

FCT             , like LTC LSK BTS             BTC             XLM             are among my HODLs. Ive analysed my chart using elliot wave meme lines and in addition to technical analysis id like to think this hodl is supported fundamentally. Unlike many useless shitcoins, FCT             seems to have decent fundamentals. It has a fairly small market cap of 342 million, small coin circulation of 8,745,102, clear whitepaper and active development towards perhaps a more realistic goal of recording keeping on the blockchain which is a far cry from the often inviable goals of other cryptocurrencies. Devs have decent funding raising around 1.5 million in 2015 and 8 million in 2017. The coin is listed on poloniex as a margin coin and and has been in active development for 3-4 years meaning it has market support as a coin that has weathered bear markets. There is a possibility that FCT             breaks out of its long term sideways structure but I may also be consumed by delusional unrealistic moon dreams. Ive identified possible meme line support levels as possible stop loss points and cost average points. We could also face a head and shoulders which could mean more down for the right shoulder around 0.002. Trade with your own due diligence and only trade with what you can afford to lose. Im a virgin with no friends who gets rekt in crypto. idk what im doing.
Hahah good man, it paid off :)
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