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I know it's old and slow but liked it for a few days might as well publish it. It's big, it's not glamorous or the fastest horse in the stable but it's solid and hard to keep down.
Bình luận: did have a little technical pop there but there is a lot of mixed news on GE..
Bình luận: start up nice technically then ceo announced considering breaking up the company..folks selling..
Bình luận: might actually be net positive whatever move they make but fear up front hurting it
Came true this month
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Phản hồi
chartmojo ralfmartinez
@ralfmartinez, lol yeah started to climb hit with devastating news and direction for the company..quickly turned into toast.
+1 Phản hồi
chartmojo chartmojo
@chartmojo, could of got a little next day scalp..sad its sort of like ibm dieing...what is, is
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Was in a squeeze (D) as session starting hour or two now out and moved decisively down past the 50sma. All tempting except earnings in 7 days so will just watch it I guess. The lime centerline (sma13) of that skinny BB turns black in a squeeze and it comes and goes in a period when it is on the edge. Bottom indic is just combined Elder BearBull Hist Bull Circles Bear.
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Been watching this too! At the moment might look at a bet it heads down out of the squeeze - one of my favorite authors, Linda Raschke in her rule 12 of 12 (in one interview, I think it was) says: No one knows.
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chartmojoaway2 Tom1trader
@Tom1trader, could be. I’m a fan of LR too!
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Play on health sector and oil. Both looking to be strong in 2018. I'm long at 17.45, lets see how we make out.
Phản hồi
It is in a squeeze yet on daily, my weekly with Schaff Trend and Fisher Transform RSI in panels and all the junk I happen to have in overlay indicator agree, they have been through a tough year but their medical and aircraft stuff for a couple of examples are solid.
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Tom1trader Tom1trader
@Tom1trader, It has turned up on daily so squeeze should come off now the sma50 is just above it daily might offer resistance.
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