GNO-BTC - Looking for Long Opportunities

BITTREX:GNOBTC   Gnosis / Bitcoin
I am looking to build a bag of Gnosis for holding in 2018. I am bullish on the project for the following:

Fundamental Analysis:
- I believe the predictions market sector will perform well in 2018. I am also planning to build my holdings of REP.
- GNO has been under development since 2015 and has some major roadmap releases in 2018 (
- Strong team and fairly active developer community (

Technical Analysis:
- Price is down 85% since the peak in July 2016.
- Price is on an uptrend in 2018 (blue trend line ). Up 250% (and down about 25% from 2018 high)
- Dotted black lines show local support and resistance lines. Price could go either way.
- RSI is currently moving sideways on the 50.
- RSI is on an uptrend (rising red trend line )
- Price and RSI have recent lower highs and higher lows so price is likely to decide soon and move up or down!
- Price is below the kumo cloud so will need to test and break through to enable significant upside.

I will be looking to buy if it drops to the lower dotted support OR if price respects the current uptrend and shows volume increase to confirm bulls are in charge.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" Seneca The Younger.
Not investment advice.

Comments always welcome below.

Bình luận: GNO is moving sideways, showing higher highs and lower lows. Volume is low. Wait to see until it makes up its mind. Still think their is a possibility it may drop into the buy zone indicated.

Bình luận: $GNO is showing strength against $BTC but honestly that's not hard given how BTC is performing today. Still think we might see it drop into my buy zone once BTC gets its funk back
any update?
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thanks. like your ideas)
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