The hypothesis is ICX will decrease in value as BTC decreases in value as we approach the close of the CME futures contracts on the 26th of January. Both of these coins decreased in price leading up to the close of the CBoE futures on the 17th of January.

If/when the RSI enters oversold regions in the 1 hour chart and then the short EMA (blue line) crosses above the long SMA (orange) on the MACD , this would signal a good entry point. Hopefully this will coincide with the price being in the support zone .

Do your own due diligence and research, this is only my hypothesis.
What about the ICX mainnet launch tomorrow ?
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KapitanKris Oklassay
@Oklassay, This is a good point, I'm not sure how this will affect the price. There seems to be some confusion about the total supply (400m or 800m), it isn't clear in the whitepaper, and they have ICX in reserve that they can release after Main Net is launched. It might be worth buying in some before the launch to see what happens to the price but my personal opinion is that large movements in Bitcoin will affect the price more.

Disclaimer: I already own some ICX but am looking to buy more at a better price.
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rippleguy KapitanKris
@KapitanKris, The whitepaper is actually crystal clear. It states that 400m tokens will be minted on launch of the mainnet. That makes a total of 800m. These tokens can only be released at a maximum of 20% per year.
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KapitanKris rippleguy
@rippleguy, It states the emission rate is capped at 20% annually (section 7.1 on p30) but I can't verify that the total supply is 800m and how it was supposed to be released after the Main Net launch. If you could say what page of the whitepaper you found this on I would be very appreciative.
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