ICXBTC 4 hour chart trying to get a second chance of doing right

Well as you can see in the chart I did an early TA (sort of) by creating some type of triangle (without knowing exactly how or why) and then assuming a buy area. So far so good, IF I WOULD HAVE BOUGHT ACCORDING TO MY TA. So anyways, after doing some sort of analysis I never followed it myself. Instead, I bought during a pump, thinking this is going to the moon. I just followed everyone else.

My mistake to learn from, I have a shitload of ICX at 45-something sat and now... Well now, I know better.

I have made an analysis, trying same pattern as before with volumes, fib retracement and my signature "fancy red lines". Assuming some key levels with resistance and support combined from fib and trend lines .

I don't know, maybe I am way off, maybe I am on to something. Would love to hear some thoughts, feedback and "slap on the face" comments :)
Bình luận: Sorry everyone I thought my early TA and comments on the idea chart was visible, so just in case anyone is wondering what this guys is babbling about, please see below a link for the full view picture of my ICXBTC chart. Thanks in advance!

Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: I think we can close this chapter for now ;)
Bình luận: You can follow my revised or new TA for ICXBTC on this link:

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