I/O Coin (IOC) Buy Opportunity

BITTREX:IOCBTC   I/OCoin / Bitcoin
Another great coin that should definitely give us some profit. Fully confident it will reach 1st target worst case scenario. Read bottom for more info.

Coin may drop down to .0003 range for buy-in

Buy-in: .00029-.00034

Stop-loss: .00022


(1) .00046
(2) .00057
(3) .00068

If these are met new targets may be released.

I didn't look at this coin since recently and there as already been a spike but I think we can ride it up some more. The hourly increment charts look to be priming up for another push.This coin also has a prime speaking spot at the North American Bitcoin             Conference next week so that could help with some farther publicity. This coin will take a few days to a couple weeks to play out. I will also probably be keeping an eye to see if we can hold through the conference date in case we get another little spike after.

Key to crypto trading is patience. Many people try very short trades looking for a quick dollar but if you can have patience you can find a coin and ride the profit waves.
Bình luận: Expecting a breakout soon. Hourly charts are ready to go up.
Bình luận: Targets:

(1) .00046 (35%) **Reached at .0048**
(2) .00057 (67%)
(3) .00068 (100%)
(4) .00079 (132%)
Bình luận: Looks like our trades and the market are starting to even back out. Look forward to updates.
Bình luận: (1) .00046 (35%) **Reached at .0048**
(2) .00057 (67%) **Reached target**
(3) .00068 (100%)
(4) .00079 (132%)
Bình luận: Since we are moving quite quick on this trade I am going to show all of my possible targets. Not all of them may be reached so set some sell off points and stop-losses once the price is way up.


1) .00046 (35%) **Reached at .0048**
(2) .00057 (67%) **Reached target**
(3) .00068 (100%)
(4) .00079 (132%)
(5) .00104 (205%)
(6) .00114 (235%)
(7) .00127 (273%)
(8) .00138 (305%)
How long do you reckon it would take to reach target 8? lovely analysis mate!
+1 Phản hồi
@Tjhunt, Thanks! Ah it's always hard to put a solid time frame on these trades, especially with bitcoin doing tricks on us, I would say if it does hit 8 it'll be under 2 weeks but over 1 week. However, it might not hit 8. The old all time high is .000119 so it would have to have its best push ever but I include these targets just in case we see a really strong breakout I would sell all of my IOC at this point because it would definitely dip back down after target 8.
Phản hồi
Tjhunt lamppole
@lamppole, Yeah that is true! I may take it out at the second last target and try to buy back 10-15% more. But I guess it would take maybe a little bit more time getting there.
Phản hồi
Tjhunt lamppole
@lamppole, I guess we are looking at 2 more weeks from the way btc is looking!
+1 Phản hồi
@Tjhunt, Yeah.. sadly I think so but this coin is still looking good at least
Phản hồi
agree, it looks like a bull flag now
+1 Phản hồi
valencic7 RikiFromTheBlock
@RikiFromTheBlock, defenetly flag :).. and small volume.. so much place to growww
+1 Phản hồi
lamppole PRO valencic7
@valencic7 @RikiFromTheBlock, yep! excited to see where this coin will take us soon!
Phản hồi
Stef_Gee PRO RikiFromTheBlock
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