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Hey guys, just wanted to send out a quick alert on IOTA. Lots of news will be coming up on them over the next month. Good time to pick up some during this drop . Will tweak the Large-Cap portfolio accordingly and update here.
Bình luận: We ended up doing 5% of the Large Cap Portfolio into IOTA. Our price was below 17k sat. We picked IOTA as you will be reading some great stuff about their project soon. They will be highlighted in the largest exhibit with Fujitsu (new partner) in the trade show April 13th. You can google translate it here:
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Yesterday we witnessed the blue line shown below act successfully as a support. This is good news for IOTA. We are currently overbought so price might drop a little. We have a double support at 0.382 fib level and the blue support. Expectation is a price rise from there assuming BTC holds steady. IF BTC drops back down into Bear territory, price will take a hit. Our hypothetical portfolio is not done with moving in and out of alts on a daily basis.

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