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Touch demand zone and jump up. Now going to the resistance line of falling wedge
Bình luận: Touch support line of wedge
Bình luận: break support line

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@EXCAVO Hi Excavo, can you update this please. It looks like IOTA both against BTC and USD is bullish now. However my main concern is the flow of cash between BTC and all other alts in the last couple of days.
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Hi, will you plz tell us, now what to to, either to hold IOTA or sale as it breaks resistance line.
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i pray
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Great analysis. Now that Bitfinex has banned US investors (pretty much the only source to trade IOTA). How do you think that will effect the price?
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@stall022, do some research its on binance
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stall022 ArseneDevos
@ArseneDevos, Oh you mean the one based in China that uses it's own ICO coin for trading, The same China that just restricted ICO's and Crypto. A site not even in the top 10 on most crypto trading reviews.

I like IOTA, I bought a bunch, But without a legit trading platform to take the slack from Bitfinex many will sell OR long term hold in the hope that the team is successful.
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@stall022, again ur uninformed. binance has nothing to do with China
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stall022 ArseneDevos
@ArseneDevos, Hmm maybe you should give them a call and let them know that?

"Binance, a new Shanghai-based digital asset exchange is closing in on its one month anniversary since its launch date of July 14th, 2017. Binance stands for “Binary or Bit and Finance” meaning integrating digital technology with finance."

I guess they meant Shanghai Indiana?
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Share About XLM is it in the downtrend now or can go up
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