Let's see how it unfolds.
Bình luận: First part of the prediction that I pulled out of my ass is almost done, now... will it bounce? In any case, next week we will know.
Bình luận: Look, we have a triangle... :D Maybe the "prediction" will be fullfilled!
Bình luận: Broke down the triangle, and we are heading down.
Bình luận: The first part of the prediction is surprisingly accurate, although If that support line doesn't hold the price, and the global marketcap keeps decreasing there's no way for it to follow the arrow up to 20 USD.
Bình luận: Hmm, it's following the arrow...
Bình luận: Well, it didn't happen. :D
Looks like the 3th arc will not be broken so easily.
esa yerba esta re fina rotelo
+1 Phản hồi
Vold316 galoisbest
@galoisbest, jajaja.
Phản hồi
well done mate
Phản hồi
So awesome! Tell me how you figured this out!
Phản hồi
Vold316 Tin.Foil
@Tin.Foil, Well, to be honest I have no clue about how to draw gan squares correctly, I just move them around untill stuff fits. But in this case, iota moves in a way that looks pretty squetchy to me, a massive pump and then something that looks a very well contained bear market untill some place where it can bounce hard, which they use to time perfectly with some huge event or news and it's pumped hard. So, gann arcs and fib circles seemed like could work and looks like they did. I kinda like better how the left most fib circle contained the price within the arc. About the fib spiral, I don't think it's how they are drawn but for some reason they fit... adjust the price a bit and you'll see that it looks pretty similar for both waves, but realisticlly I just put them there.
When it breaks out it will fomo hard, like in the past, but honestly I'm not confident at all about how hard it's gonna breakout, to get to 26 usd the marketcap will have to be HUGE (50K), I don't see it happening, maybe it will be stopped in the next arc at 5 usd, again.
Phản hồi
Phản hồi
I can't see this at all. I am color blind, others may have issues as well not sure.
Phản hồi
Vold316 ThankUKind
Phản hồi
This is absolutely insane
Phản hồi
Vold316 ringusmcdingus
@ringusmcdingus, I couldn't agree more. :D
Phản hồi
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