$LISK long and short term view

BITTREX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
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Based on fundamentals (lots of developments coming) and technical analysis , I'm expecting LISK to reach the top of the channel on left chart and maybe even a breakout to the upside.

LISK found a bottom (see linked chart in "related ideas") and made a nice bounce. currently forming a 5 legs up cycle.
As long as the yellow support line can hold, I'm expecting a pattern as drawn on the right chart.
On sunday night, a Video was posted from a LISK meet up in the Netherlands where a teammember mentions that Lisk is in contact with Google             HQ which gave a nice spike to the price. I'm expecting a pull back from this spike which might give a nice entry point. Longer term a good buy without doubt!

Targets and reversal zones determined with Fibonacci extensions.

Bình luận: Price extended a bit target (3) and (4) seems to be in place as it bounced exactly in the blue box. Target (5) is still valid
Bình luận: LISK is doing great, according to the set up.
Just broke out and might start next leg up towards next target
Bình luận: Trade closed manually when LISK team announced late relaunch.
Looks like we're making a big ABC correction and start all over again in a few weeks.
Hi sir. May i know what do you think about Ark? Could it be a potential challenger to Lisk?
Phản hồi
A meeting with rebranding announcement tonight at 7pm Berlin time I think.
Phản hồi
Yes knew it was still looking bullish glad to see it rising..good call to you sir
Phản hồi
@Crypto_Ed Fundamental trigger: Lisk added to Binance 1 hour ago:
Phản hồi
nice, really good call - looking for the longterm now :)
Phản hồi
Wow. what a call! Great job and thanks.
Phản hồi
any updates????
Phản hồi
@kkarthi, check the charts, no updates necessary.
Phản hồi
kkarthi Crypto_Ed
@Crypto_Ed, yes I understand bro..buying order build up nicely
Phản hồi
fact check !
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