Lisk VS Bitcoin - The Uptrend

POLONIEX:LSKBTC   Lisk / Bitcoin
Lisk had not so much interest during the past month, while it has been trending down from btc             0.0015 to btc              0.0004, loosing almost 75% against Bitcoin             . But now things are looking to change as Lisk found the support at 46k satoshi and then at 52k satoshi. These price levels were rejected cleanly and are confirmed by 327.2% and 361.8% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave after the downtrend trendline breakout.

After rejecting the 46k support, LSK/BTC broke above the downtrend trendline , then rejected 52k support and today broke above the 200 Moving Average. So far price action shows signs of a strong bullish momentum and most likely Bitcoin             will be outperformed by Lisk in the coming weeks.

There are multiple targets to watch, but the first strong resistance is based on 627.2% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave down after the downtrend trendline breakout. This is btc              0.0015 level, where LSK/BTC already established high on the 16th of November. The next strong resistance is btc              0.02 psychological round number which is at 927.2% Fibs and could go a little higher. On a downside note, only a break and close below the 46k satoshi support could invalidate bullish outlook.
Bình luận: Here is Lisk / USD to watch
Bình luận: Lisk is on fire :)
Bình luận: there is a support at 88k satoshi, would probably continue moving up from this level
Bình luận: Its not late to buy Lisk
Bình luận: The first target reached!
Bình luận: Uptrend Continues, waiting for the next target
Bình luận: Very close to the second target
Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu
Bình luận:
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Thank you
Phản hồi
any new targets? Nice analysis
Phản hồi
HiTech PRO BrunoDanteSampaio
Phản hồi
Any new Stop-Loss/Limit
Phản hồi
@js_nyc, all same
Phản hồi
Is correction done? should we stay until it's going to hit the new resistance line? Is this good time to buy or hold?
Phản hồi
@a9617, Its almost always late unless you enter when i publish idea
Phản hồi
a9617 HiTech
@HiTech, So I followed you and I'm waiting for your next idea! Post it soon please :D
Phản hồi
@a9617, check my ideas on Nexium
Phản hồi
a9617 HiTech
@HiTech, Sure!! Thanks a zillion
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