BITTREX:LSKUSD   Lisk / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Good day traders,

Here we have a 2h chart of Lisk.
We're currently in a symmetrical triangle which we will either break up from or breakdown.
I've drawn in multiple supports (and resistances).
Lisk will hover between them, no one can know for sure in which area.
My bet tho is that we will break up, and hover in the $26 to $31 area.
RSI going up indicates we're starting a new bull run, along some other Cryptocurrencies:
(i.e. BTC             also just broke above resistance, could be a fakeout, I'm personally going to keep a close eye on it.)
Anyway, we'll see some movevment for sure as we approach the end of the triangle, fingers crossed we may get a new all-time high, and even if not that, Lisk is a $30 coin IMO             , I'm confident about that.

I wish you succesful trades!
Bình luận: Breaching out at the top of the triangle...
Let's see what's next :)
Bình luận: Broke out, earlier than I thought.
We're now probably going to hover in this area ($18 - $26)
I predict a try to break up at the $26 resistance in the next couple of days, even if we first take another dip into the sub $21 pool.
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