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NAVBTC Trading Bullish Channel, and Bitcoin Price Action

Bitcoin price is currently driving the altcoin market price. When Bitcoin goes up in price, the alt coins tend to go down. When Bitcoin begins to head down in price, the alt coins tend to gain more bounces. Right now, Bitcoin has hit a resistance line that I drew, and I think it will head down a little (to about $7000). Later, I will post a chart to illustrate that idea played out.
That being said, Bitcoin is a ravenous, unstoppable beast. So I will not be risking too much of my trading capital here.

This is a method I used to set some targets, by attempting to breakdown the price action, if it were to continue in the bullish channel . I also limit my risk by setting a stop loss off a potential support line.

Navcoin just released a beta of their NavPay project on Nov. 1st.
It's also a coin that I believe is very solid. The dev team is very active, even holding weekly AMAs (ask me anything) to anyone willing to participate. This is a coin that would be great to get such a low entry point on.

Đóng lệnh: đạt mục tiêu: Wow, all 3 targets hit with 1 massive green candle.

Hope you guys took profits.

You can continue to use my parallel channel for good entry points and targets
Wow, well done.
Any updates for december?
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ecoinamist harris0n11
Sorry I missed your comment. I think 40k sats is possible
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harris0n11 ecoinamist
@ecoinamist, no problem! Lots of crazy action going on in the space right now. I still believe in NAV and I think where it is sitting right now is a hell of a buy zone.
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