NXT Short Term Comeback?

NXT looks to be nicely completing the Wave A retracement as the descending triangle pattern is deep and right below the 0.786 fib level. This is usually a prime level to enter on coins. Volume is also decreasing and going into the stall zone which is a good indicator of a breakout. This however will begin the B Wave so be sure to lock in your profits and hop out as the coin gets near finishing it's correction. Are you in on this coin? Let me know.
Bình luận: This trade is testing my patience :) Patience is a good quality to have and it is getting a workout.

Stay strong!

You only lose if you sell at this point.
so i hope NXT will rise to above 9000 satoshi, is it in long or short time ?
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@Andery22, I don't think it will go above that on this wave. It could touch it but it will not stay there.
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nxt's volume increasing in poloniex will it be a base to a high green candle @favio @smartincomepaths @ualikhan.t
+1 Phản hồi
favio Ajesh
@Ajesh, yes friend its already kicking some in
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Sir i just bought some nxt when the price is .56 usdt, i am very much disappointed as i am newbie, will nxt grow up or is it dead
Phản hồi
favio Ajesh
@Ajesh, don't invest what you are not willing to lose
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@Ajesh, @favio is right, however the coin is not dead but correcting from the massive price movement it just took. I was reviewing my trades the other day and realized how much profit I missed because of FOMOing and looking for the "big win" while I was actually sitting on it to begin with. My only advice is to HODL because you only take losses when you sell. Hang in there.
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Ajesh smartincomepaths
sir what the above link says about, i dont understand as iam new to this
Phản hồi
@Ajesh, you want me to explain that chart you posted above?
Phản hồi
Ajesh smartincomepaths
@smartincomepaths, yes if you have time to explain
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