NXT - x7 from the bottom


Because of your request to review some coin bittrex, today I would write about NXT - One of the opponents of rain is the strong wind in the market.
As you know, NXT has had a relatively large price drop since the beginning of this year, and is currently forming its eighth wave zone down to 1000sts, after a rebound of the second wave - the final wave of NXT in 2018 to 800 sts

For evaluation, we rely on analysis of existing data and evaluate this as one of the potential altcoin, however we will not trade without touching target 8xx. However, with the short term trend you can also trade small waves with low target and good SL

EP 1 - 1204
TP 1 - 1514
EP 2 - 1084
TP 2 - Lower than 2000

EP: 876
TP: 7777 or higher

Good luck
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