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NXT 2 Hour

NXT has formed an inverted cup. Looking for a pattern breaking upwards with increased volume after the snapshot. I will monitor this and look for possible upside scenarios with targets for those holding NXT while the trading is down for the snapshot. There may be life left in this trade yet.
Bình luận: This coin has had a rough road. I will update a new long term chart on this coin.
glad I have selled them, only kept a few just to see how a snapshot works, could learn from it for the future, i don't see bug upswings anymore, back to around 0,10dollars like it was before the hype of ignis :)
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vthokiee97 JonaM13
@JonaM13, yes I hope you pulled in a nice profit. I am reviewing the charts this morming. This coin still might have some left to go back up quickly. A lot of people dumping creates a panic for sure. BTC finally took the dive down last night so that has drug everything down as well. I am looking at it to see. Yes good risk aversion and once you have a plan stick to it. Always look at it in what you’ve gained not whAt might have been. Thanks
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