FX:NZDUSD   Đô la New Zealand/Đô la Mỹ
In the previous analysis, we obtained the desired targets very precisely.
Now the strategy will be in the form of a range between 0.62000 and 0.65000.
In the current situation, two strategies can be considered:
1- We are on a resistance in the area of 0.63330, and if we fail to break it, we can expect to touch the range of 0.63084 - after that, we have the floor dynamic line, which we can expect to decrease to the static range of 0.62757, which itself is in The role of a resistance is important. In the next stage, 0.62406 can be expected.
2- The second scenario, if it can break the ceiling of the above fluctuation range, it can experience growth or with a more accurate expectation of fluctuation or, in other words, a side-like range up to the resistance zone of 0.64008.
The important point is that micro wave movement can move up to the ceiling of the above range and then move down.
The confirmation of the strategy is determined by the ceiling and floor of the above swing area.

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