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NZDUSD Institutional Buy Setup

FX:NZDUSD   Đô la New Zealand/Đô la Mỹ
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Good morning traders. NZDUSD did not manage to get up to that .7070 figure to give us a chance to get short with the trend. However our Institutional research suggests that traders will be eyeing support down between .698-.697 for potential targets. As usual use a 30-40 pip stop loss and look to get whatever you can on the profit side. Good luck traders!
Bình luận: I have a pending order at .6975.. hopefully I get filled!
Giao dịch đang hoạt động: Getting in at market at .6977, just 5.7 pips ahead of the major support level. May be jumping the gun, but we are very oversold on the day and right in the middle of the two levels.
Đóng lệnh: dừng lỗ: Stopped out of this NZDUSD ... no buyers stepped in at all
first target ??
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@pshm, We don't give targets. We only give stop loss. It is up to the trader to decide when they want to get out of the trade for profit. We feel that people who offer solid targets are bullshit... it is one thing to predict a good time to enter the market it is another thing to predict where price will go from there. Every trade we post can be good for 5 pips... 10 pips.. 50 pips... 100 pips... who knows what it will be good for. All you can do is get a good entry and monitor price action. If momentum is there and you can get a quick 50 pips, great! If momentum doesn't come in as expected and you can only get 10-15 pips... then you take it. What are you going to go from 10-15 pips profit to a loss just because it didn't hit a "target"?
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stop loss ?? :)
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@pshm, Hi. In the write-up you can see we say to use a 30-40 pip stop loss.
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